Top 5 fragrances for men

The good-looking man should almost never go out without applying a fragrance. By doing this you not only boost your confidence but also you will be able to attract the people around you without putting a lot of effort. A good perfume can finish your look, but a bad one or too much of a good one can ruin everything. So you have to choose your fragrance wisely and spray it on you only 2 or 3 times. Hier, we composed a list with the 5 best ones that you can own.

5. Bleu de Chanel

This is a timeless fragrance that probably most of you already know. You can never go wrong with this cologne. It is super versatile, you can wear it whenever or wherever you want. It gets a lot of compliments and is one of the most sold perfumes in the world. This fragrance has one minus that a lot of people wear it so if you want to stand out this is not what you are looking for. This fragrance is for people that want to have one good cologne that they can wear all the time. Check it out here.

4. VIKTOR&ROLF Spicebomb Extreme

This is a spicy winter fragrance that is very sexy and cozy. You can wear it on cold days in the spring and autumn. You shouldn't apply it in the hot days, because it will be too powerful and will turn people off. It is a very long-lasting like most winter fragrances, because it contains vanilla. Spicebomb Extreme is not very famous so you will stand out from the others. This is an amazing perfume, if not the best for the cold days of the year, so if you want to buy a fragrance for the winter this is it. Check it out here.

3. Armani Code Colonia

This is a fresh fragrance with a reasonable performance. That is because fresher perfumes don't last as much as sweet and woody ones. It is very versatile and also like the Bleu de Chanel can be worn everywhere, anytime and with everything. Currently, the Colonia is the best one of the Armani Code DNA. If you want to have only one fragrance and you want it to be fresh and modern that is your one. Check it out here.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

This is one of the sexiest fragrances you can buy. It is extremely long-lasting and gets a lot of compliments. Ultra Male is seductive and playful also an amazing clubbing perfume. It is more for the winter times, but you can wear it also at parties in the summer if you want. If you are searching for a sexy party fragrance that is long-lasting and girls love that is your one. Check it out here.

1. Creed Aventus

This fragrance is a luxury and gets the most compliments compared to all perfumes for men. It is rather expensive, because all the ingredients are natural. Aventus is fresh and has citrusy notes. It is also very versatile, you can apply it with a T-Shirt and also with a suit. This perfume is long-lasting and doesn't have any minuses except for the price. Check it out here.