Expensive brands that are worth buying

In our days there are many well-known brands that are really expensive, but their products are low-quality or they are not worth buying. So we made a list of brands that offer amazing high-quality products that are a little bit more expensive, but they can last you a long time. We also want to present to you the chrome extension honey. It is very easy to install, but it can save you a lot of money by giving you discount codes when you check out on your favorite websites. You can make a registration by clicking here. You will also get a 10$ free gift card and help us grow.

Allen Edmons

This is a company that produces fashionable products made from leather. We have chosen them mainly for their shoes. Most of their pairs are formal, but they have also a couple of casual once. They are all made of high-quality leather that can last you a lifetime, if you take care of your shoes properly. On their site, they are often a lot of sales so you can find them at a nice price.


This is a designer name that makes a lot of clothing, but their jeans are especially good. They last a very long time and are stretchy so they feel comfortable and luxurious. Diesel jeans have one problem that they don't have intermediate sizes, so some times you will need to tailor them.


Everyone knows the Swiss watchmaker Rolex. They are a classic and look good on everyone. All the watches are mechanical and are hand made, that's why they are expensive. They are a great investment, because they don't drop their prices, in some cases, they even increase them. If you don't wont to pay that much money you can also buy a Seiko. That is another watchmaker that won't disappoint you.

J. L. Rocha

Like Allen Edmons, this company makes most of its products from leather, but they are all hand made. We picked this brand mostly for their bags. They are one of the best and high-quality ones that will make you look amazing and last you all your life. They are expensive, but they are worth the price. It is best to find out for your self and see how confident and rich they make you feel.