5 Solutions to common style problems

Every stylish guy has certain problems that prevent him from looking perfect. Here, we compose a list of 5 of them and their solutions so you can achieve the best you can.

Muffin top

One of the worst problems that guys have, when they dress up, is the muffin top. It is very annoying, because you constantly have to tuck in your shirt in order not to ruin your looks. For this problem, there is only one true solution and that is shirt stays. They are not expensive, but solve the problem perfectly. Whit shirt stays you can never get a muffin top, so we advise you to invest in one pair of shit stays and see the difference for yourself. You can find them here

Floppy zipper

This is a very annoying problem that occurs on most of the jeans. The easiest fix for it is to add a key ring to your zipper and when you Zipp your pants you have to put the key ring on the hook of your pants and them button them. It is very hard to be posted from others that you made that action and also works incredibly well.

pocket flare

Pocket flair is when the pockets on your pants stick out. That is a common problem in our days, because more and more people are starting to wear fitted trousers and jeans. The pocket flare happens, because your pants are too tight at your booty. You can fix that by going to the tailer to stretch out your pants when possible, if not you have to buy new pants, but you need to size up.

Big and bulky pockets

That is a mistake that most of the men make. They putt all of the items that they carry every day in the pockets of their pants, so they look full and bulky. That ruins your aesthetic and overall looks. This problem has a very simple solution, you just need to carry a small bag with you. We advise you to buy something from leather or at least more formal. That way you can make the defect an effect, buy adding a stylish bag that almost none in our days wears

Buttons pulling

Like the pocket flair, the pulling of the buttons on your shirt happens because your clothing is too small for you. Although this problem has a simpler solution, you just have to buy double side tape and put it on the places where the pulling happens. When the case is more extreme you have no choice, but to by a new one that is bigger. That is a very common mistake so fix it to be better looking when you have to go somewhere formally dressed.